The Rockytier

October 2017
Volume 29 Number 10

General Meeting:

Tuesday - Oct 3rd, 2017
Meet- 7:00 pm
@ Forrest Heights United Methodist Church 3007 33rd St. Lubbock, Texas.

Business Meeting:
Tuesday - Oct 10th, 2017



October: Opal, Tourmaline, and Aquamarine

Upcoming Shows 2017: 
Oct 27 – 29, Dallas, TX, International Gem and Jewelry Show,
Nov 10 – 12, Humble, TX, Houston G&MS and SCFMS Convention, Humble Civic Center
Nov 18 – 19, Mesquite, TX, Dallas G&MS, Rodeo Center Exhibit Hall

From the President:
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to fall! If you like to travel to gem and mineral shows, the weekend of October 7th kicks off an 8 week run of shows; most notably for the LGMS is the close by shows that we participate in by taking display cases. We need more participation by club members lending us some things to fill those cases, so please bring some items in a closed container of some sort with your name clearly marked (so they get back to you) to the next meeting. We will take displays to Roswell on the 7th, and then Amarillo on the 1st weekend in November. Check our event calendar on the website for more information about where you might want to plan a road trip!

October is the month to make your intentions known if you would like to run for an office or a place on the board. If you would like to nominate someone for an award that is something that needs to be done as well. We need to elect the following offices at the November regular meeting:

Vice President
1st Year Director (2 people)
Rhonda Taylor & Dave Swartz will move into the 2nd Year Directors positions

As for awards, the following are for consideration;
1) Rock Hammer award – outstanding service/enthusiastic participation this year.
2) Rocky Gem award – for a significant contribution to the club, this year or over the years.
3) Honorary membership - may be awarded to honor a Regular Member by a vote of the membership, for outstanding or meritorious service to the Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society or associated regional or national societies. Recipients shall have all rights and privileges of regular membership for their lifetime and shall pay no dues.

We also need a committee to review the Constitution and Bylaws for any changes needed, including the member fee structure, date of enrollment, adoption of a anti-harassment policy, and several other things. I will head up this committee, but will need more input from members as well. 

Please contact a board member if you have any input for these positions or awards! Hope to see you all at the next meeting. 

Walter Beneze
LGMS President

T-Shirt Contest!

For the last couple of years we have had LGMS t-shirts to sell at our annual show, and this is our clubs 60th anniversary show and we want to have a t-shirt contest for a special edition shirt!

Start thinking of ideas! More details at the meeting!

Contact Michael Zink when you have an idea! 

(MORE) Upcoming Shows and Activity Dates

Oct 7, Rusk, TX, Keith Harmon yard sale (rocks and equipment)

Oct 7, Midlothian, TX, Martin Marietta Materials Field Trip (fossils, septarian nodules, pyrites)

Oct 14 – 15, Temple, TX, Tri-City G&MS Show, Mayborn Civic and Convention Center,

Oct 13 – 15, Mount Ida, AR, Mount Ida Chamber of Comm., Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds,

Oct 13 – 15, Westwego, LA, G&MS of LA show, Alario Center,

Oct 14 – 15, Fort Worth, TX, Cowtown GMGC, Corp. Employees Recreation Assoc, 3300 Bryant Irvin Rd.,

Oct 20 – 22, Austin, TX, Austin G&MS show, Palmer Events Center,

Oct 27 – 29, Dallas, TX, International Gem and Jewelry Show, Market Hall,

Oct 27 – 29, Glen Rose, TX, Dallas Paleo. Society, Sommervell Co. Expo,

Nov 4 – 5, Odessa, TX, Midland G&MS show, Ector Co. Coliseum,

Nov 4 – 5, Amarillo, TX, Golden Spread G&MS show, Amarillo Civic Center,

Nov 4 – 5, Austin, TX, Paleo Society of Austin show, Old Settlers Heritage Assoc.

Nov 10 – 12, Humble, TX, Houston G&MS and SCFMS Convention, Humble Civic Center,

Nov 18 – 19, Mesquite, TX, Dallas G&MS, Rodeo Center Exhibit Hall,,

Dec 9 – 10, Leesville, LA, DeRidder G&MS show, West LA Forestry Fairground

Jan 20 -21, Fredericksburg, TX, Fredericksburg Rockhounds, Pioneer Pavilion, Lady Bird Johnson Park,

Jan 26 – 27, Tyler, TX, East Texas G&MS show, Tyler Rose Garden Center,

September - October 2017 SCFMS Newsletter
Rock & Gem Show Calendar,
October 2017 Chips and Chatter

Tips of the Trade

Dimensions on some features of a design can be fluid while others must be accurate for the design to work. When precision on a piece is important, good layout techniques are essential.

These are the tools that I rely upon to get holes in the right place, to achieve correct angles, and to cut pieces the correct length.

I like crisp sharp lines to follow, so I often coat surfaces with a dark marker and scribe my layout lines onto the metal. A square makes quick work of checking right angles or marking where to cut, and the thin center punch helps me mark a place to drill holes exactly where I want them.
Finally, a good set of dividers is probably my favorite layout tool.  They let me quickly mark a strip for cutting, swing an arc, and divide a line or curve into as many equal segments as I need. I keep at least one set of dividers in every toolbox.


In an ideal world each of us has a complete pictorial record of all pieces of jewelry in our inventory. We use the pics for marketing, and we use the record for insurance. We use it to remember which items have been sent out on consignment, or we use it to mark which items we're taking to a show. And eventually, we note in the record the pieces that have sold.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to take good pictures of each piece for a detailed inventory. In situations like this I’ve been able to make a quick group shot with the help of a smart phone, a camera, a scanner, or a color copier. The quality is more than sufficient to accurately identify the pieces.

  See all Brad's jewelry books at 

Kids Craft

Make your own Fossil! 

Last summer the art center that I work at hosted an art project that I thought would be perfect for the LGMS! Fun for kids of all ages.

This is a very easy project. You will need:

a high walled container of some kind
objects to make a fossil of

-Prep the container by pressing at least a 1/2in layer of the clay down into your container.
-Take the objects that you picked out and press them into the clay. Pull out the objects and you should see a clean "negative" impression of the object.
-Mix the plaster as required and pour into container with clay.
-Let it harden, pull plaster out of container, and then "dig" the clay off of the fossil!

Send me pictures if you try this project! 

-Mica McGuire

photos from google images

Notable Gems


"Fire Queen" was found in 1906 by Charlie Dunstan at the Angledool Diggings, Lightning Ridge. Weighing about 900 carats, the beautiful opal was sold by Dunstan for 100 pounds. The stone changed hands several times, and by 1928 it was in the Chicago Museum, valued at £40,000. In the 1940's, J.D. Rockefeller bought “The Fire Queen” for £75,000 and added it to his prestigious family gem collection.


Famous Aquamarine

The largest stone every found is from Brazil. Specifically Minas Gerais. It weighed 110kg (242 pounds) and measured 48cm x 42 cm in Diameter.


Submit stories, ideas, photos, or anything else you would like to see in the newsletter to


The rules for the JALAF are:
Participants will remain beginners for one year from the month in which they enter their first piece in each category. At the end of one year the participant will be considered experienced in the categories they have entered. The JALAF master will attempt to keep records, but we will operate on an honor system as well.

We want to share and learn from the knowledge you acquired while finding, working or setting the piece, so please come prepared to tell us what you know (don’t worry if you don’t know what you have, hopefully someone can tell you)! The JALAF is open to Members, Juniors and Visitors.

We REALLY WANT and STRONGLY encourage ALL to bring pieces that fit the month’s theme, even if they are not eligible for entry because they do not meet the criteria or have previously won a feather. These pieces will be entered as display only, and will not be part of that month’s competition. PLEASE share your expertise and adventures with the rest of us.


Two levels in each category:

Specimens and Fossils: YOU must have found OR worked an otherwise acquired specimen.
Cabochons, Carvings and Facets: YOU must have created the piece yourself.
Jewelry: YOU must have created the setting OR worked the stone.

Since some months have more than one birthstone, we will be going by the American Gem Society list, found at:

Here is hoping everyone will compete and have fun!


See you at the next meeting!

Lubbock Gem & Mineral Society
Member of South Central Federation of Mineral Societies
Member of American Federation of Mineralogical Societie

THE ROCKYTIER is the official Bulletin of the Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society, Box 6371, Lubbock, TX. 79493. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month @ Forrest Heights United Methodist Church - 3007 33rd St. Lubbock, TX. at 7:00 p.m. unless announced otherwise. Annual dues are: $22.50 for adults, $10.00 for students 15 & up, $5.00 for students 6-15 and free for children under 6. Exchange editors are free to copy anything of interest from THE ROCKYTIER provided credit is given to the author of the article and THE ROCKYTIER.

The purpose of the Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society shall be:
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(3) to encourage the study of rocks, minerals, fossils, artifacts, collecting and lapidary work and
(4) to conduct meetings, lectures, displays and field trips.

    President     Walter Beneze (806)797-5832  
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    Treasurer     Charles Cockrell (806) 786-6895  
              Director (first year)
           Sabrina Krieger
(806) 891-0165  
         Director (second year)  
  Valerie Zink (806) 451-0038  
    Director (second year)   Mica McGuire (806) 445-6859  
    Education Chairperson Club Michael Zink (806) 451-0039  
    Education Chairperson M.E.W. Greg Roberts (806) 787-6262  
    Show Chairperson   Walter Beneze (806) 797-5832  
    Newsletter Editor   Mica McGuire (806) 445-6859  
    Field Trip Chairperson   volunteer needed      
    Benevolence     volunteer needed      
    Web Master     Walter Beneze (806) 797-5832  
    Club Vests     volunteer needed      
    Club Library     Dave Swartz (806) 793-8045  
    There are many more positions that need a volunteer, please consider what
    you can do to help!            
Lubbock Gem & Mineral Society is a non-profit organization recognized under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as an educational entity. Donations in any form are tax deductible as outlined by the IRS.
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