The LGMS is a 501c(3) educational organization and can provide you with a tax write off for your donation! Like all non-profits, we rely on the generosity of people that contribute time and money to help promote our cause. The Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society currently has a goal of raising enough money to establish a workshop and meeting space of our own in a building or on land in the Lubbock area where we will have a permanent place to hold meetings, to teach classes, to house our workshop with equipment and materials, and to have a 'museum' of works and specimens.

The purpose of this Society shall be:

  • To bring about a closer association of those persons interested in the earth sciences and lapidary arts.
  • To increase, document and disseminate knowledge about geological materials including rocks, minerals, gems, fossils, historic and modern cultural lithic artifacts.
  • To encourage the study, collecting and display of rocks, minerals, gems, fossils, artifacts, and the performance of lapidary and jewelry arts.
  • To provide guidance, education and information; share ideas and techniques; and assist in the development and refinement of skills through the combined resources, knowledge and experience of the Society‚Äôs Members.
  • To conduct appropriate meetings and field trips.
  • To sponsor public shows, displays and educational programs.
  • To publish a Society Newsletter each month.
If you don't have time for meetings but want to contribute, we accept monetary donations, tools and equipment, gem & mineral collections and even your field collected "yard rock". Contact us now to arrange for someone to meet with you and discuss your contribution, and to provide you with a donation letter.