Monthly Program Topic

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 6th 2018.


Tuesday, January 2nd 2018
Show and tell was the topic this meeting, and we had many very interesting things, from Dino bone, to books about dino bone and several flourescent materials to check out. Thanks to everyone that brought something to share!

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

    December is our annual Christmas Social, we did not have a program. Instead, we met for a feast and fellowship, and a white elephant gift exchange, hope everyone had a good time. Enjoy the Holidays and we will see you next year!

    Tuesday November 7th, 2017

Chris Smith from the Whiteside Museum of Natural History in Seymour TX was our guest speaker and he presented a great program about the mueseum and the fossil beds in the area of Seymour. Did you know that the town of Seymour is only a stone's throw from one of the greatest Permian bone beds in the entire world; the creatures of the Permian - Seymouria, Dimetrodon, Edaphasaur, and Eryops (just to name a few) - are all found there. West Texas, and Seymour in particular, is home to some of the best Permian skeletons in existence, and the Whiteside is privleged to show off these fantastic discoveries.

Elections were held for new Officers and Directors for the year 2018, and plans were made for next months annual Christmas social.


Tuesday October 3rd, 2017
We had a great interactive presentation/discussion about the "ages" in our history and how rocks and minerals have played a role in every age; from the Stone Age until the present.

If anyone were to wonder why you belong to a 'rock' club, we were presented with the real question - why do you not belong to a rock club?

This presentation by members Michael and Valerie Zink is in the development stage and if you missed it, you will have another chance at our upcoming annual show and sale to see and hear (and participate in) an even more in depth version of a fascinating topic.


August 1st is our annual Ice Cream Social so, in place of our regular meeting, we will meet and eat!
Traditionally, members would bring their best homemade ice cream to compete for top honors but if you are like me, have not made ice cream for many years.
If you don't make your own, bring your favorite store bought ice cream, toppings, drinks, or cake and cookies if you prefer. Bring enough for yourself, and a bit to share.
Additionally, we will be having a silent auction with some really nice material and of course, we will welcome any show and tell that you bring as well. There will not be a JALAF challenge this month. Hope to see everyone there!


In July we had a presentation on some of the rarest and most expensive gems in the world. Our JALAF was Ruby, and we had several nice entries.
There were also some lab grown and real Rubys brought to check out, and some Fluorite nodules give away. Thanks to everyone that came out for the meeting!


Our meeting in June was well attended and the presentation consisted of a few short video presentations on various subjects in our hobby.
Our planned guest speaker was not able to attend, so we will reschedule at his earliest opportunity.
We held an election to fill a vacant Directors position, and Dave Swartz was the lucky member who was brought on board, congratulations Dave!


Our meeting topic for May was gem carving. We had a lecture presentation by Helen Serras-Herman Gem sculptor, Sculptor MFA, Gemologist FGA,
and a world class artist! Her presentation was informative and entertaining. Thanks for the great program Helen!

Howdy Rockhounds!
I am the New JALAF Master as of May. We are doing Birthstones this year. The Stone for May is Emerald. The Alternative Birthstones are Chrysoprase and Green Agate. I'd like to Award some Feathers for your Vests before the Show! I'd LOVE to see New and Many Entrants!!!
Sooo... Bring Moss Agate, Bloodstone, Chrysoprase, Emeralds, Green Spinel, Diopside, and even Green Glass for Judging or Show and Tell!!
Remember; Beginners don't have to adhere to the monthly theme...if you have been at it Less Than a Year, bring WHATEVER you have just completed or found!
Be There or Be Square, Teresa.


On Tuesday, 3/7/2017, our presentation was rocks that glow in the dark.
Fluoresce that is, rocks and minerals that
shine or glow brightly due to fluorescence. We had several dozen to look at and compare in the ultraviolet radiation of our 24" display case.
We will have a new feature this year at our show, an ultraviolet tent where we will display many more specimens. Be sure to look for the tent at the South end of the exhibit hall!


On Tuesday, 3/7/2017, we explored the Rock Cycle and where some of our gems and minerals fit within the rock cycle. A informative presentation and some discussion, along with good company with fellow rockhounds!


On Tuesday, 2/7/2017, we had the 2nd annual "Virtual Cabbing" program. Copies of the slabs in the picture were provided and everyone was encouraged to cut out a "virtual cab". The cab design's that received the most votes were given to the person who designed them. We had some beauties this year. The Deschutes picture jasper slab could sell for $30 and some of the others were pricey material too - all were 100% fun!

Congratulations to Mica McGuire for winning 4 slabs with her designs, and to Daniel Bontempo, Dave Swartz, Molly Broun, Lynn Broun, and Michael Zink for winning a slab with a great design as well.

Thanks to all participants!