Hello everyone,

Michael and Matthew left to go spend the Christmas holidays with their big brother in Clayton, NM. the day after school let out. With two solid weeks without ravenous children, Scotty and I began a huge kitchen remodel project. We have been eating fast food, living in a cloud of dust and fixing our morning coffee on the boy’s bathroom sink. What a mess!

I woke up at 3:30 am on New Year’s day to the sound of water running… wait, no, it was the sound of a large dog peeing on the carpet! I leapt out of bed and stepped into a very large pile of warm dog poop! Dexter Spot had had a large accident. I cleaned carpets, scrubbed my feet and went back to bed thinking ‘what a way to start the New Year’. As Scotty and I drank our coffee on the first day of the New Year we heard the distinct sound of a dog horking. I ran over and found Dexter working up his second pile of barf; he missed the bare floor in favor of two different throw rugs. I scrubbed rugs and mumbled. A few minutes later the horking began again, we hustled Dexter out the back door in record time. Alas! We solved the mysteries of Mini-the-Cat’s missing Christmas present and why we only had ¾ of a Dura Flame log for New Year’s Eve. We also discovered about two pounds of wall paper, dried caulk, saw dust and bits of painter’s tape!

I then realized the message for this New Year; I hope everything the New Year lays down or throws up for you is warm, fuzzy and makes life simpler!  I look forward to being your new President,