Letter from the President

Greetings everyone!

Did you pick up a t-shirt at the show? If not, we have a limited number left to sell, and as VP Charles Cockrell stated at the meeting, he has had more interaction with people all over Lubbock just from wearing his shirt than he ever imagined. They are not just a really nice shirt, they are a great marketing tool for the LGMS. See members Michael & Valerie Zink to get yours (ask about coffee mugs and tote bags as well).

If you were interested in reading Bob Jones book "The Frugal Collector" but did not have the funds to buy it, thanks to member Guy Brown, there is a copy in the LGMS Library that any member is welcome to borrow, see Dave Swartz - the librarian to check it out. A great book on collecting minerals for sure.

As we move forward, I want to challenge everyone to be thinking about what you can do to add value to the club.

We need new programs to be presented at the general meetings, so see Charles and sign up to give us a presentation on your favorite rock hound, lapidary, or related subject. I know you have a particular interest that the rest of the club members would love to hear about. Think of how you can present it and let us hear from you about what you love about our hobby.

Been on a collecting trip recently? Write up a field trip report for the newsletter and send it to Rhonda, we love to hear stories about rock hounding. There are so many people that eat up any information about what we do that it may surprise you, let’s see how many are in our area and may want to be in our club.

Do you know of a potential benefactor to the club? We are a 501(c)3 organization, so any donation, be it cash, equipment, rock and mineral collections, buildings, land, whatever - we can provide a TAX WRITE OFF for donations to the club. A current big ticket wish list for the board is a building of our own to house a meeting place, the workshop, a gift shop, and a 'museum' of our collected rocks, minerals and lapidary work to display and draw people to our club. This will be a big step in providing for the future of the club, but it will not be cheap. If you know of any Grant opportunities, or know of someone with a vacant building that needs a tax break, please let us know.

We need everyone to get involved, don't be passive about what we do, there is always something that needs done, so jump on in!

Walt Beneze, LGMS President 2015