SCFMS Convention Information

The Editors and Webmasters Breakfast will be on Saturday morning at 8 am at the civic center, upstairs in the Terrace suite. Pre-registration is due by April 1st, 2016.

The SCFMS annual meeting will be on Saturday at 1 pm.

There will be an awards Banquet at 7 pm. Pre-registration is due by April 1st, 2016. A cash bar will be available.

We will have a Rolling Rock Club meeting on Sunday at 8 am, downstairs in the exhibit hall.

The deadline for registration for the Breakfast, the Banquet, and for competitive cases will be April 1st, 2016.


Friday, May 6th (No Public will be admitted)

8:00 am     Club Setup begins, Civic Center Exhibit Hall

12:00 pm   Dealer set up begins, Civic Center Exhibit Hall

4:00 pm     Exhibitor set up begins, Civic Center Exhibit Hall

Saturday,  May 7th     

7:30 am     Pre-registration check in for Editors and Webmasters Breakfast

8:00 am     SCFMS Editors & Webmasters Breakfast, Civic Center Terrace Suite

9:00 am     All Exhibits must be in place

9:30 am     Pre-registration check in for all others begins

10:00 am   Show Opens to the Public

10:15 am   Judges & Clerks Meet in Judges’ area, Civic Center Exhibit Hall

11:00 am   SCFMS Competition Judging begins

1:00 pm     SCFMS Annual Meeting, Civic Center Terrace Suite

3:30 PM     Judges and Exhibitors Meeting, Show Floor

6:00 pm     Show Closes

6:30 pm     Social hour - cash bar available, Civic Center Terrace Suite

7:00 pm     SCFMS Awards Banquet, Civic Center Terrace Suite

Sunday, May 8th

8:00 am     Rolling Rock Club Meeting, Civic Center Exhibit Hall

10:00 am   Show opens to the Public

4:45 PM     Drawing for Grand Prizes    

5:00 pm     Show Closes; all visitors must leave so take down can begin

                   All Exhibits must be removed by 8 pm

10:00 pm   Civic Center must be vacated

 All events will be at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center,

1501 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock.