Youth Field Trips

Charles Cockrell hosted our trip to White River Lake.  We found unusual and attractive pieces of both petrified wood and limonite. We also found some bright colored jasper. We enjoyed delicious hamburgers at the marina and a cooling swim at the end of the hunt.

Jerri House and Diane Wier from the Chaparral Rockhounds joined us for a beautiful day of picking up Pecos diamonds east of Roswell, NM.  We found many outstanding specimens; some deep maroon in color, some double terminated and some that were both.



Bottomless Lakes State Park outside Roswell, NM.  A beautiful oasis in the desert! a fascinating geological formation; a chain of sink holes, each one different from the last.  The last one, Lea lake, is a recreational area. We spent the day swimming in the clear water, exploring the far shore from the paddle boat we rented for next to nothing, laying on the sandy beaches and eating in the cool shady picnic area.


The Valley of Fires at Carrizozo, NM. A breathtaking 1.5 hour drive through Lincoln, NM and the mountains from Roswell.  The Lava flats are surreal, rugged and beautiful.


OUTSIDE the Valley of Fires BLM area. The road cuts through the lava flows allow plenty of opportunity to take home a specimen.

                            Story and Pictures by Teresa Burns