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Click the green arrow to contribute to the specified fund.
General Fund Donation
The LGMS is a 501c(3) educational organization and can provide you with a tax write off for your donation! Like all non-profits, we rely on the generosity of people that contribute time and money to help promote our cause.
Show Program Fund
To help offset cost of the Annual Show; Facility Rental, Advertising, Equipment and Exhibit Maintenance, Educational Programs and displays.
LGMS Building Fund
Funding to maintain existing workshop and meeting space, and for the purpose of expanding the club presence to a permanent place to hold meetings, to teach classes, to house our workshop with equipment and materials, and to have a museum of works and specimens.
LGMS Scholarship Fund
The Society has an agreement with Texas Tech University to support a Scholarship for a student in the Earth Sciences. Other Scholarships may be provided as deemed appropriate by the Society and funded from the Scholarship Funds.

The LGMS meets at 3007 33rd Street, Lubbock Texas on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Membership is open to all interested parties. Visitors are always welcome!